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The Brand Book

The Brand Book: how to launch a profitable brand fast, efficiently and effectively (Stonebridge)

Given the ever-increasing importance of marketing, The brand book is an invaluable marketer's tool and an ultimate guide to marketing and brand management. It covers challenges faced by most company executives and marketers today, by outlining a new 'how-to' approach with easy-to-follow illustrated examples.

Key features include: How to build and manage brands; identifying new opportunities for brand growth; techniques for launching new brands and ensuring their success; discussing marketing return on investment (ROI) - a first in this regard.



BrandWealth Monograph

BrandWealth monograph, published 2011, “How to maximise brand wealth” – a monograph about how brands come of age in the 21st century.

Strategic Magazine Articles

The IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing is the publication of the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) of South Africa and is published five times a year. The emphasis is on high-level, thought-leadership content that is well-researched and presented in a serious and sober fashion, as befits an academic-based, professional organisation. Dr. Thomas Oosthuizen has been a regular contributor over the years.


Differentiate and adapt – or be mediocre and commoditised